Friday, February 27, 2015

Inside Our Closet: Denim Vests & Denim Jackets

If you think of Buckle as a jeans destination, well… you’re right. But there’s another kind of denim on our must-have list this spring – denim vests and denim jackets. While these closet staples have always been known for their functionality, today’s styles feature flattering fits and stand-out details that give new life to this tried-and-true trend.

To demonstrate, we asked a few members of our Women's Buying Team to build looks around their favorite denim over-pieces. Peek inside their closets and take denim for a new spin!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Denim for EveryBODY

When you think "Buckle," what comes to mind? Clothes? Shoes? A seat belt? How about one of our favorite things, DENIM?

We're proud to claim the reputation of America's favorite denim destination. It's in our genes (pun intended). Why do we love jeans? Aside from comfort, style, and function, jeans look good on everyone. You just have to find the right fit.

Live from Manager Meetings, we put this theory to the test. Is there a fit for everyone? Every body type? Every style?

Lanny here. Last week, Tammy and I spent a day crashing the Manager Meeting party. And by "crashing," I mean "taking pictures and interviewing amazing people who happen to be Buckle store managers." Not only do these managers pull off their own, unique vibe, they are hilarious. We discussed style, denim fits, and weird facts. Check it out. 

Body Type: Slim

Friday, February 20, 2015

Introducing: Buckle on Spotify

Attention Buckle fans! We are so excited to announce that Buckle is now on Spotify. Follow us at buckleofficial to listen to the music we have on repeat in the office and in our stores.

Music has a way of breathing life into the ordinary. Morning commutes, Sunday cleaning and late-night studying are all sweetened with the right playlist. Shopping is no exception, which is why we love to provide the perfect in-store soundtrack to your Buckle experience.

Buckle represents many lifestyles. From the rebel rockers to the boho babes, we cater to the fashion needs of unique styles from all walks of life. That’s why we love music so much, too—it allows people around the world to connect by vibing on the same melody or resonating with the same lyrics.

To make it easier for you to find the songs you loved in our store, we created our #NowPlaying playlists with compilations of some of our in-store song favorites from hip hop to alternative and everything in between.

Be sure to follow us to stay updated on new playlists and monthly music picks, and tell us what kind of playlists you want to hear from Buckle in the comments below. Happy listening!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY: Photo to Wood Transfer

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. All happy occasions with one stressful thing in common - choosing the perfect gift. If you're scrambling for inspiration, how about trying something different this year? Give something homemade. 

We've got just the project. This week, we took a stab at transferring a photo onto wood. We wanted to find out if it's really as "easy" as Pinterest claims it to be. Short answer, it is. And the result is an awesome, fresh take on photo gifting that's fun to both give and receive. Have a look. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rompers: Who can wear them?

Over 100 years ago, this ad in The New York Times introduced the world to rompers. Originally made for children, they were worn on the outside of a blouse. Kids would put them on before "romping" around in the dirt. Basically, rompers were like outdoor aprons. They had a purpose - keep the kids clean.

Things have changed:

1) Good luck buying anything for 39 cents today. 
2) Ads were even worse in 1904.
3) Adults wear rompers now. 
4) Rompers made their way from backyards to runways.

But not everything has changed. This hybrid piece is just as practical today as it was in 1904. Totally different mission. But practical. We love them. The perfect mixture of a dress and shorts. But recently, we've been getting questions from our shoppers. Are rompers for everyone? Can 'just anyone' pull them off? Good question. This is where we'll turn it over to one of Buckle's stylists. Meet Bobbi, our local romper expert. 

Thanks for having me on! Excited is an underwhelming word to describe how I feel about rompers and spring weather. Show the world how versatile this one-piece can be? Challenge accepted. I marched around the office and found three gals with completely different lifestyles. Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sneak Peek: Spring Photoshoot

You know what they say about Vegas. Something about, "what happens in Vegas..."

Yeah, we're too excited not to share what happened there. For our spring campaign, we traveled down to Las Vegas. Sunny skies, night life, and plenty of open roads to explore - what a perfect way to showcase our spring product. Check out this behind-the-scenes sneak peek. You'll understand why we're so eager for spring. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet the Team: The Interns

Say hi to our marketing interns - Lanny, Alyssa, and Madison (left to right). They're a funky bunch, and we love having them around. Our interns aren't coffee-getters or copy-makers. They're doing real stuff with real people and real brands. See what they have to say, and ask them any questions in the comments below.